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John Finucane MP


Statements (144)

No place for discrimination against children because of choice of sport – Finucane4 August, 2022

Soaring energy company profits a ‘kick in the teeth’ for workers and families – Finucane2 August, 2022

Scandalous energy profiteering cannot be allowed to continue – Finucane29 July, 2022

'British government should end reckless threats and work to find solutions’ - Finucane22 July, 2022

Functioning Executive needed now to help tackle cost of living crisis – Finucane14 July, 2022

'Springhill families entitled to truth and justice' - Finucane8 July, 2022

British government should focus on solutions and stop giving DUP cover to block Executive - Finucane24 June, 2022

Executive needed now to start fixing health service – Finucane10 June, 2022

‘Tories plan to break law while backing DUP block on Executive’ – Finucane17 May, 2022

People want solutions not British government threats - Finucane10 May, 2022

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