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Who We Are

What Sinn Féin stands for

This page is intended to give an overview of Sinn Féin policy in key areas. All of these topics are covered extensively in policy documents available on the Sinn Féin website and through the Sinn Féin head office in Dublin.

1. Ireland United

Sinn Féin is a 32-County party striving for an end to...

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History of the Conflict

Throughout history, the island of Ireland has been regarded as a single national unit. Prior to the Norman invasion from England in 1169, the Irish had their own system of law, culture and language and their own political and social structures. Following the invasion, the...

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Sinn Féin Leadership

Ard Chomhairle Officer Board 2018 - 2019

President: Mary Lou McDonald
Vice President: Michelle O'Neill
Chairperson: Declan Kearney
General Secretary: Dawn Doyle
Director of Publicity: Ciarán Quinn
Treasurers: Pearse Doherty and Conor Murphy

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Sinn Féin Local area sites:

South & East Belfast Sinn Féin -
West Belfast Sinn Féin -
Derry Sinn Féin -
Donegal Sinn Féin -
Dublin Sinn Féin -
Dublin North Central Sinn Féin -

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Peace Process

Gerry Adams at the Wolfe Tone CommemorationSinn Féin's peace strategy evolved over a period of ten years. It began with the key documents, Scenario for Peace (1987) and Towards a Lasting peace in Ireland (1992).

Since that time there have been many political engagements and negotiations involving the Irish and British...

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Contact Us

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Sinn Féin
44 Parnell Square
Dublin 1, Ireland

Tel: (353) 1 8726100/8726932
Fax: (353) 1 8733441
Email: [email protected]

Sinn Féin
53 Falls Road
Belfast, BT12 4PD, Ireland

Tel: 02890 347350
Fax: 02890 223001
Email: [email protected]


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