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Imelda Munster is the Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Tourism, Sport and Media.

Imelda Munster is married to Niall and is the mother of two daughters and lives in Melifont Park, Drogheda. Imelda was elected to Louth County Council representing the Drogheda East area in 2004 and was re-elected in 2009 to both Drogheda Borough Council and Louth County Council.

At this stage Imelda left her job to become a full-time public representative and in May 2014 Imelda topped the poll in Co Louth with 2,317 and was the longest serving female councillor on the Council.

Imelda is the first ever woman elected to the Dáil to represent the Louth Constituency.

She successfully contested the Louth constituency at 2016 general election, receiving 8,829 first preference votes and was re-elected at the 2020 general election receiving 17,203 first preference votes topping the poll, the highest ever vote recorded by any candidate ever in the Louth Constituency.

A member of Sinn Féin for over 30 years, Imelda is a committed and tireless worker for the people of Louth/East Meath and has a reputation for sticking with an issue until it is completed to her satisfaction. Diligent in her decision-making, working hard to ensure all matters are taken into consideration and offering sensible and viable alternatives to the governments lame duck policies.

A passionate advocate for social justice and equality, campaigning against government cuts to local services and unfair home taxes, believing that Sinn Féin’s economic and social policies of ‘putting people first’ is the solution for many families in Louth who are struggling because of the government policies of austerity and cutbacks.

Imelda is a member of The Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media Committee and the Public Accounts Committee.

Statements (78)

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