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Tá Coimisiún um Thodhchaí na hÉireann ag Sinn Féin i mbun rannpháirtíocht dhomhain ar an saol atá amach romhainn.

Bí mar chuid de phlé reatha agus plé atá ag fás maidir le hÉirinn nua a thógáil.

Is féidir leat ionchur scríofa a chur isteach i  nGaeilge nó i mBéarla.

The Commission on the Future of Ireland

The Commission on the Future of Ireland (The Commission) seeks to facilitate a structured, national conversation among the citizens of Ireland and beyond on the future of our island.

This will be achieved by holding a series of public People's Assemblies across the country, incorporating women’s assemblies, youth assemblies and assemblies in Gaeltacht areas.

There will also be sectoral engagements, private meetings and an online submissions process.

Sinn Féin Chairperson Declan Kearney has been appointed Chairperson of the Commission. Seanadóir Lynn Boylan is Deputy Chairperson.

‘The New Ireland is for Everyone – Have Your Say’, are the main pillars of this Commission.

The Commission actively seeks to engage with the protestant, loyalist, and unionist section of our people and those with different visions of Ireland.  Those with alternative views are encouraged to present their proposals for the future.

This project is expected to run for two years. At its culmination a final report encompassing the submissions received and all public engagements will be prepared.

If you wish to make a submission to the Commission please press here.

If you would like any further information please contact [email protected]

Catch up on previous events

Belfast People's Assembly

Belfast Women's Assembly

The Belfast Women's Assembly took place on the 27th June in the Europa Hotel. This was the 5th event hosted by Sinn Féin's Commission on the Future of Ireland. 

Over 140 women from across the wider Belfast area joined in the discussion on what constitutional change will mean for them. This included women from diverse backgrounds and from different political persuasions. 

The event was chaired by Eilish Rooney and Seanadóir Lynn Boylan gave the main address. Watch some footage of the event here: Belfast Women's Assembly on the Future of Ireland - YouTube

Report from the event can be accessed here: https://www.sinnfein.ie/files/2022/A5_REPORTCommissionFutureIre.pdf


Dublin Youth Assembly

The Dublin Youth Assembly was held on the 28th June in the Communication Workers Union. This was the 6th event hosted by Sinn Féin's Commission on the Future of Ireland.

Seanadóir Lynn Boylan encouraged young people to get involved in the conversation and to help shape the new united Ireland. 

Youth Worker Dermot 'Daisy' O'Brien facilitated the meeting and gave the young people in attendance a chance to voice their opinions on the opportunities, challenges, aspirations and fears associated with Irish Unity. 

Watch some footage of the event here: Dublin's Youth Assembly - Sinn Féin Commission on the Future of Ireland - YouTube

'Celebrating Diversity- Ending Divisions'

Report from event can be accessed here: A5_DERRY_REPORTtogether1.pdf (sinnfein.ie)

The event can be watched on YouTube:

Celebrating Diversity - Ending Division - Derry Commission on the Future of Ireland. - YouTube

Donegal People's Assembly

Report from event can be accessed here: wym-1687182761020The event can be watched on YouTube: Donegal 'People's Assembly' on the Future of Ireland - YouTube

Armagh, Down & Louth People's Assembly

Sinn Féin’s Commission on the Future of Ireland and Sinn Féin in Down, Armagh and Louth has the report of the Peoples’ Assembly that was held in the Carrickdale Hotel at the end of March.

The packed event provided an opportunity for people in the border region to have their say on Irish Unity and the future of Ireland.

The meeting was addressed by Uachtarán Shinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald TD.

The independent chair of the Assembly was Dr Conor Patterson who is currently the Chief Executive of Newry & Mourne Cooperative & Enterprise Agency. He is also a Director of Enterprise NI, and Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade. Conor is Chairperson of Daisy Hill Hospital Future Group and has been actively involved in the economic regeneration of the east border region since the mid-1990’s.

The panellists for the meeting were: Reverend Karen Sethuraman who is the first female Baptist Minister in Ireland, and is currently a Pastor of SoulSpace Peace and Reconciliation Hub; Aidan Browne is responsible for the operations of the Regional Development Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology and the institute’s commercial output and industry engagement agenda; Gerry Murphy is the Assistant General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Previously he was Northern Secretary of the Irish National Teachers Organization; Mairéad McAlinden is a retired health service Chief Executive. Mairéad is also a member of the Future of Daisy Hill Hospital lobby group.

Uachtarán Shinn Féin Mary Lou McDonald TD addressed a number of themes in her remarks including the impact of the border on the communities of Armagh, Down and Louth, as well as the significance of the Good Friday Agreement, the importance of extending welcome and partnership across the political cultures in the region and the need to recognise that our ‘shared challenge is to create a future which is warm and welcoming for everyone’.

Mary Lou McDonald TD said that in her vision of a new united Ireland, “the Daisy Hill, Louth, and Drogheda hospitals would be working in tandem to cater for the entire regional population and Ireland’s Ancient East wouldn’t stop at Carlingford”.

Commenting on the Good Friday Agreement Teachta McDonald said: “The Good Friday Agreement reminds us that, democratically, the British government’s jurisdiction in the North can be ended through the Referendum on Irish unity.”

Addressing the “many people in this region who are unionist”,  the Sinn Féin leader said that, “The Orange Order was founded in neighbouring county Armagh. That tradition is reflected in our national colours. This is the place that we all call home. Our resolve is to make it a better place for all, unionists are our neighbours, and they should also be our friends.”

Mary Lou stressed that “the new Ireland must be a warm house for all, and your traditions and beliefs must be respected and cherished”.

Focusing on the work of The Commission on the Future of Ireland Conor Murphy said that: “There is growing evidence from a succession of elections, academic reports and opinion polls that support for the reunification of Ireland is growing. The May local government election in the North is an example of this. That was as much a vote for Unity as it was for our local government policies and the restoration of the political institutions.

There is a constitutional obligation on the Irish government – including as a co-guarantor of the Agreement - to advance the objective of unity. That means planning now and engaging in a process of inclusive dialogue that ensures that the process of constitutional change is democratic and seamless. 

The Irish government should establish a Citizen’s Assembly to begin the work of planning. It should agree with the British government a firm date for the unity referendum provided for by the Good Friday Agreement.

Sinn Féin is not suggesting that this should take place immediately but the Irish Government should seek a date now which allows for inclusive preparation to begin.   And that preparatory work should start now.”


The Commission on the Future of Ireland seeks to facilitate a structured conversation on the future of our island.  The New Ireland is for Everyone – Have Your Say, are the main pillars of the Commission.

The Commission has received over 150 written contributions from across Ireland and beyond, and we welcome others to make contributions.

So, why not write to us. Share your ideas, suggestions on the new Ireland.

Just go to the Sinn Féin website where you will find the page dedicated to the Commission www.sinnfein.ie

Or go directly to www.sinnfein.ie/futureofireland
All of the details are there.

Armagh Down Louth Commission report

Turaisc Coimisiún Ard Mhacha, An Dún agus an Lú

The event can be watched on YouTube: Armagh/Down and Louth 'People's Assembly' on the Future of Ireland - YouTube

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