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Mental Health Manifesto

23 January, 2020

This policy document is Sinn Féin’s General Election mental health manifesto. The policies in this manifesto take a modern approach to the provision of mental health services while aiming to provide better care and outcomes for those who suffer with mental health conditions.

A Just Transition provides decent jobs, social protection and security to workers, as well as communities most affected by the transition to a sustainable economy. It ensures that all climate policies are socially and rurally proofed. Sinn Féin is committed to climate justice and a just transition for Ireland. This means a fairer and more democratic society, one which protects workers’ rights and empowers communities with more input and control over their future.

Giving women and their families a break – Sinn Féin’s Women’s Budget 2020

Sinn Féin Alternative Budget 2020 - Giving workers and families a break and ending the rip-off.