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This document is Sinn Féin’s detailed submission to the Minister for Housing’s new Housing for All plan which prioritises a doubling of capital investment in public housing from €1.4bn to at least €2.8bn. The document calls for the new plan to be radical, ambitious and prioritise the delivery of genuinely affordable cost rental and purchase homes, as well as to ramp up the real social housing delivery targets to 20,000 per year, which can only be achieved by doubling capital investment.

This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s proposals to stand up for Family Carers and ensure they get the break they need by delivering vital financial and emotional support. This Charter is a fully costed package of proposals which will give carers the support they deserve and should be entitled to after years of being failed by successive governments.

This policy document sets out a series of actions and initiatives to tackle sectarian divisions and advance national reconciliation and healing. These proposals include the incorporation of a citizens’ anti-sectarian charter within institutions across the island, the establishment of a civic forum in the north to encourage cross-community solidarity in civic society and the introduction of an all-island reconciliation strategy under the auspices of the North South Ministerial Council.

This document outlines Sinn Féin’s proposals for a fair recovery for workers, businesses and young people. Sinn Féin’s plan will support businesses to sustain existing jobs and to create new jobs by maximising our economic potential as part of the EU single market and All-Ireland economy.

This document outlines Sinn Féin’s detailed plans to save and revitalise the historic 1916 Moore Street Quarter. Sinn Féin’s proposals will protect our revolutionary history, language and culture while revitalising the area, attracting jobs and tourism, and turning the tide of decades of neglect by successive governments. Moore Street is too important to be left in the hands of private developers who use our city for soulless commercial projects which destroy our heritage and fail to benefit local communities.

Community Wealth Building

19 March, 2021

Sinn Fein’s Community Wealth Building proposals aim to use local and regional land and assets in such a way that adds wealth to our communities instead of extracting it. It includes policies to develop shorter supply chains and targeted procurement contracts; social ownership models; partnerships with key institutions to create local high-quality employment and plans to use resources to generate community wealth. These policies will not only build a more inclusive economy for all but will also help mitigate climate change through shorter supply chains and sustainable local employment.

Our Mental Health Crisis

16 March, 2021

This document outlines Sinn Féin’s plan that would deliver significant emergency investment in mental health care to meet the 'Tsunami of mental health need' as a result of the pandemic. This includes polices which would address waiting lists and immediate demand, help increase capacity and recruitment for the long term, while also providing for the establishment of a 24/7 crisis ambulance and universal access to counselling services.

This document outlines Sinn Féin’s proposals to deal with the massive driving test and lessons backlog that has built up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This document sets out Sinn Fein’s ambitious and radical policies for tackling regional inequality in the North which will boost employment, the economy and transform our society. This document sets out policies which create and support job opportunities and apprenticeships, improve access to skills and training, and tackle long-term unemployment, poverty, deprivation and inequality.

This policy document involves a critical assessment of the government’s plan to introduce a state-backed Shared Equity Loan scheme as a means of delivering affordable homes. This document sets out how shared equity loans do not in fact make homes more affordable but is rather another developer-led plan that is not sufficient to address the housing crisis.

This document outlines how the true level of those experiencing homelessness is at least 20% greater than what official government figures show. It looks at the figures of homeless persons omitted from the government’s statistics for political purposes, including many of those in emergency accommodation and direct provision centres. Such statistics distort the true level of need for housing.  

Dealing With Debt

7 December, 2020

This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s policies to support families who are struggling with debt. These proposals include establishing a Rent Arrears Mechanism, capping interest rates charged by moneylenders, transforming MABs into a One Stop Shop for debt resolution, widening access to existing Debt Settlement Arrangements while also ensuring that adequate mental health supports are available.

The COVID-19 Vaccine

3 December, 2020

This document sets out Sinn Fein’s recommendations to ensure that the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine is free, fair, and transparent. Included are recommendations for ensuring maximal access and uptake, for managing effective storage, distribution, and administration and significantly, for all-Ireland proofing the roll-out of the vaccine.

This policy document sets out the economic advantages of a United Ireland for all of the people of Ireland. By analysing the enduring economic costs of partition, the contemporary economic crises of a Tory Brexit and COVID-19, Sinn Féin explores how a United Ireland within the European Union could create a more prosperous, democratic, and green all-Ireland economy for all going forward.

Sinn Féin’s Alternative Budget for 2021 sets out detailed and costed policies to help bring our country out of this crisis and rebuild in a fairer, better, and stronger Ireland. Its policies are centred on support for workers, families, businesses, and our vital public services to fundamentally improve our society after this year of unprecedented hardship.

A Fresh Start for Health

7 October, 2020

This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s Health policies that will offer substantial public investment to rebuild a stronger, fairer, and better health service as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The policies aim to counteract the decades long failure to invest in our health service by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that has left Ireland particularly exposed to the pandemic.

This policy document is an ambitious affordable housing plan, providing detailed and fully costed policies that Sinn Féin would enact in government. It proposes the largest public house building programme in Ireland’s history, desperately needed to counteract the chronic lack of public housing from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

Keeping Schools Open

10 September, 2020

This policy document sets out key proposals to provide safe education for children during Covid-19. In examining the present underfunded, understaffed, and overcrowded education system, Sinn Féin proposes additional funding to reduce class sizes, recruit extra staff and provide safe transport alongside other vital measures so that schools can remain open.

This policy document proposes an alternative to the Land Development Agency (LDA), a failed Fine Gael initiative to solve the present housing crisis. Sinn Féin’s proposals aim to properly build public housing on public land through well-funded local authorities, approved housing bodies and community housing trusts – not commercial semi-states.

This policy document sets out a €1.9bn plan to protect capacity in the health service. COVID-19 has exposed a decades-long failure to build a credible public health system. The policies in this document aim to structurally reform this neglect, by tackling long waiting lists, chronic understaffing and expanding community health provisions.

This policy document sets out Sinn Féin’s proposals to support small and medium-sized enterprises and to protect jobs at a time of unprecedented challenges for SMEs. These proposals set out a recovery programme for the sector based on the creation of decent jobs, workers’ rights, decent pay and working conditions.

This policy document sets out an economic stimulus plan to revive the two sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This scheme will support hundreds of thousands of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector, put more money in local economies while giving families a welcome break.

This policy document proposes an ambitious, long-term and strategic economic recovery plan for the North. This proposal looks at the socio-economic ramifications of Brexit, COVID-19, climate breakdown and the rigged economy then proposes structural alternatives going forward for a fairer and greener economy for all.

This document outlines Sinn Féin’s manifesto for Culture, Arts and Heritage. Sinn Féin’s policies will support artists and communities through a wide range of measures across five connected areas, namely: raising incomes; creative spaces; participation and young artists; nightlife; heritage and Moore Street.

This policy document is Sinn Féin’s General Election manifesto for change. The policies in this manifesto will give workers and families a break, put money back in people's pockets, fix the housing crisis while setting out a comprehensive pathway towards Irish unity.

Mental Health Manifesto

23 January, 2020

This policy document is Sinn Féin’s General Election mental health manifesto. The policies in this manifesto take a modern approach to the provision of mental health services while aiming to provide better care and outcomes for those who suffer with mental health conditions.

A Just Transition provides decent jobs, social protection and security to workers, as well as communities most affected by the transition to a sustainable economy. It ensures that all climate policies are socially and rurally proofed. Sinn Féin is committed to climate justice and a just transition for Ireland. This means a fairer and more democratic society, one which protects workers’ rights and empowers communities with more input and control over their future.

Giving women and their families a break – Sinn Féin’s Women’s Budget 2020

Sinn Féin Alternative Budget 2020 - Giving workers and families a break and ending the rip-off.