Be Part of Building a New Republic

This document examines how this can be achieved in the here and now and details what this means in relation to:

  • The case for the North to Remain within the EU through designated special status and what that means for the upcoming negotiations.
  • The Irish Peace Process and integrity and status of the Good Friday Agreement.
  • Change needed at EU level.

We also cite examples where the EU has shown itself to be flexible in coming forward with pragmatic arrangements for dealing with complex situations. We need only look at unique arrangements between Greenland, Denmark and the EU as an example of how the EU has thus proved itself capable of accommodating unique circumstances and political flexibility.

It is quite obvious the British government is on a collision course with the EU in which our economy and successive peace process agreements are regarded as collateral damage.

The British government is already indicating that it intends to repeal the European Communities Act leaving all EU legislation on the statute books so that the Westminster Parliament can pick it apart and decide what is to be kept, amended or deleted. This would have very serious consequences. It is our view that a Legislative Consent Motion should be required to be passed in the Assembly as would any changes to the NI Act 1998 which is the legislative basis underpinning the Good Friday Agreement.

Sinn Féin will enter any forthcoming negotiations to defend the democratic mandate of the people to remain within the EU and we will act in Ireland’s national interest.

The prospect of the North being removed from the EU against the will of the people,and the return of a hard border in Ireland,
has brought the issue of Irish re-unification firmly back onto the political agenda. Sinn Féin believes that Partition has been a failure - politically, socially and economically. We
are seeking to initiate a genuine and inclusive debate about the reunification of Ireland and the prospects for new constitutional, political and economic arrangements which better serve Ireland in 2016.